A downloadable game for Windows

Game made for Ludum Dare #40 Jam!

Controls: The game is simple, use WASD and move your AIM to AVOID the METEORS! Use Space/Enter to confirm and ESC to return to the menu.

Post your highest score at the comments! Mine is 14200! \o/

About our team, we are a couple from Brazil who already work with video games.

Thiago (Dragoon) is a Technical Artist at Behold Studios and Tamyres (Tamy) is a 3D Artist currently working at The Balance Inc.

A funny side note is that we are not programmers, so basicaly, you will cry blood if you see how my code is written, but the good thing is that I did something, right? …. right?

Thanks for playing! See you in the stars! <3


VVR.zip 37 MB

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